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Making The Most Of Numbing Cream For Tattoo Use

Plenty of people experience a time in their lives where they discover the tattoo that seems to perfectly represent their personality. They crave the opportunity to express themselves through this piece of body art, and yet at the same time, they know they don’t deal well with pain. These days, there’s plenty to think about when it comes to getting your ink done – whether it’s the first time, or you’re twentieth trip. After all, getting through the procedure as easily and painlessly as possible means finding a method that works well for us. This is one of the reasons why numbing gels and numbing creams have become so popular for nervous individuals getting their tattoo.

The Numbing Creams Available

Plenty of tattoo artists today will offer people the opportunity to get numbing cream or numbing gel applied to their skin before a tattoo is made if requested. The purpose of the cream is to remove almost all of the feeling from the specific area that is about to be inked. However, some artists discourage the use of such substances simply because they can have an effect on the healing time or tattoo quality. Fortunately, so long as you stick to water-based options for your numbing cream, you should find that you still get the amazing results that you’ve been hoping for.

Choosing the Right Cream

Selecting your numbing cream of choice will be a particularly important task, as you’ll need to ensure that the product you use is something you can rely upon to work effectively and give you the experience you’re looking for. Typically, numbing creams are best used in sensitive areas, such as places to be tattooed near a bone, or the face, armpit, and so on. Sometimes, when a beginner requests a tattoo in a specifically sensitive area, tattoo artists will attempt to direct them towards something less painful, so that they can have a less worrisome first experience. However, if you have chosen that specific area for a reason, numbing creams could help to lessen the pain so you don’t need to suffer for your art.

What to Look For

Typically, the best option is to select a numbing cream that has a water base, as this will help to reduce the risk that the tattoo quality or healing time will suffer. Also, try to speak with your tattoo artist ahead of time if you’re considering supplying your own numbing cream, as it is important to be sure that there are no chemicals involved which could interact negatively with the inks to be used. Be sure to check with your doctor to ensure that you’re not allergic to any of the anesthetic factors that may be used within the creams too, to avoid inflammation and other allergy problems.***

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